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Why do we love Istanbul? Let us count the ways. . . We are inspired by many exotic destinations around the world, but it’s the lively colors and unique culture of Istanbul, Turkey that makes it stand out in our minds here at Stephanie Johnson.

Walking down a city street is like watching history unfold before you. It’s a magical place where East meets West with many fascinating attractions, from the Ayasofya to countless other mosques and museums.

For Fall 2016, modern glamour meets old-world mystique in a collection (available in Pink, Cobalt, and Grey) conjuring the vibrant spirit of Turkey’s Grand Bazaar. Influenced by the geometric complexity of classic Byzantine architecture, metallic gold dots an eclectic diamond motif while dazzling metallic gold trim completes the look with flair.

collage-a-low-res-161101-01-01We hope this collection inspires you to plan your next far-flung escape! Here’s what we recommend bringing along on your Istanbul-esque adventure:

1. Golden Accessories

2. Bold Nail Color

3. Colorful, Modest Clothing

4. Sundress/Swim Cover Up

5. A Glam Nighttime Look

6. Statement Scarf




When I first told friends I was headed to Wyoming when school got out everyone assumed I was Jackson bound and seemed disappointed to learn that in fact I was headed just north of the Colorado border to a ranch near Laramie.  All those folks can keep feeling sorry for me and that way I can keep this under-the-radar-heaven-on-earth to myself.  I have never had a more relaxed vacation nor such a back-to-nature beautiful one.


I’m not much for horses and therefore dude ranches aren’t much on my mind, but when my close friends begged me to join them on this trip, I was so overwhelmed with their love of the place that I couldn’t say no.  They had visited the A Bar A the summer before and were besotted with its 100,000 acres, its charming staff, limitless trail rides, hikes and tubing, and the way the ranch welcomed the town for a BBQ and fireworks on the Fourth of July.  America exalted.  Truth is I had convinced myself this would be a wonderful experience for my seven year old daughter and I was happily surprised when I loved it every bit as much as she.


Mornings began with the breakfast bell at 7:30 where we would join our friends at a table assigned for us during our stay.  Huevos Rancheros and fresh berries were how I started most days.  Then it was off to the Gopher Hole for my daughter where she would while the day away riding the horse assigned to her for the week, making bracelets and paracord key chains, hunting treasures, snacking on s’mores in the teepee, cooling off in the pool, fishing, or racing her homemade cork boat.  After a single ride on sweet Bubba across two rivers and up a mountain side, I informed my wrangler that I would not be riding down (which he already knew, of course).  That meant fishing mornings and afternoons and with that I found my bliss.  It was warm enough to wet wade, which I happily did wearing a borrowed pair of tube socks and my Teva sandals.  I loved the open spaces and the quiet run of the river underfoot.  Nothing beat the thrill of getting a fish on my line.


I also got some hiking in and one day I made my way up the cross (my iPhone clocked the height as the equivalent of 68 flights of stairs), where I sat in contemplative solitude watching the storm clouds rolling in to meet me and taking time to meditate and just be.  I cried spontaneously half a dozen times on the trip, moved by the kindness of the staff, the purity of the cowboy life, and the majesty of nature.  An hour long lazy tube ride down the river with two American bald eagles circling overhead and green as far as the eyes could see and that was it, I never wanted to go home.  My daughter felt the same, tears streaming down her face on our last evening.  But go on and feel sorry for us if you want, we are happy to keep this as our little secret.


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for Mom, look no further!  I’ve compiled some of the greatest hits from our current Stephanie Johnson season to offer ideas for inspired gifting.

Take a peek below and then be sure to check your inboxes (or our Facebook page) Thursday, April 30th, as we’ll be launching a special promotion to make shopping for Mom even sweeter.

Happy browsing and don’t forget to Travel Chic!




1.  Debbie Dopp Kit:  A BRAND NEW style for spring 2015, we’ve taken a shape that’s traditionally reserved for the guys and given it a decidedly feminine twist!  It’s spacious enough to hold tall bottles and includes a side loop handle that makes it easy to carry and go.  Lively lime green ikat print is just begging to be taken along on a tropical getaway. . .

Pictured here in:  Tamarindo Green

2.  Jenny Train Case:  Take it from me, as someone who spends a lot of time on the road, the Jenny Train Case is the perfect go-to for both long trips and weekends away.  I love the interior elastic that straps products in place, and the bonus clear zip pouch and removable mirror.  If your Mom is a frequent traveler, this is definitely the bag for her!

Pictured here in:  Nevis

3.  Mini Pouch:  Use it as a miniature wallet, a home for makeup basics, a jewelry pouch . . . the possibilities are endless with our Mini Pouch.

Pictured here in:  Tamarindo Orange

4.  Large Flat Pouch:  Our Large Flat Pouch is a great place to stash beauty basics – everything from makeup to jewelry to band aids to bobby pins – but the stylish ikat print and showy faux leather tassel zipper pull elevate this pouch to a fashion accessory she won’t want to hide in her handbag!

Pictured here in:  Tamarindo Pink


5.  ML Traveler:  A perennial best-seller, our ML Traveler is the Cadillac of cosmetic carry-alls.  With two snap-out mesh pouches, a removable clear zip pouch, clear wall pocket, and removable mirror, it may be the most versatile piece in our organizational arsenal.

Pictured here in:  Nolita Purple

6.  Grace Brush Case:  Grace is one of our most popular makeup cases, with four brush pockets and plenty of space for beauty essentials.  A sweet lavender raffia exterior adds a bright pop of color that makes it easy to identify inside a weekender or carry-on bag.

Pictured here in:  Nolita Purple

7.  Julianna Jewelry Case:  The front section features a ring roll, zip pocket, snap pouch and a tab to organize earrings, while the back section provides snaps upon which to hang and separate necklaces, keeping them tangle free.  Plush velvet interior provides a softly cushioned home for all of Mom’s most precious gems.

Pictured here in:  Hamptons White


8.  Martha Large Briefcase:  Martha provides serious storage for your beauty arsenal!  Equipped with three roomy and removable zip pouches (two fabric, one plastic), a large clear zip wall pocket, and tall handles to carry or hang over a bathroom door, this cosmetic briefcase is an amazing gift for product-loving Moms!

Pictured here in:  Hamptons White

9.  Jumbo Zip Cosmetic:  For travel or for life, this amethyst jumbo sized case is simply a bright and pretty way to carry and store lots and lots of beauty products.  Mom will be amazed at how much it holds!

Pictured here in:  Miami Purple

10.  Katie Folding Cosmetic:  With two interior clear zip pockets, this charming case secures with snap closure and is the perfect size to hold makeup basics, while its stylish shape means it’s too cute to be kept hidden inside your handbag.  The Katie is always a favorite, and it’s oh-so-pretty in woven diamond print raffia in crisp white and delicate beige.

Pictured here in:  Hamptons White


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