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I’ve been a Stephanie Johnson devotee for years now so no wonder her bags are all I use in my admittedly large, on-the-go makeup stash. Currently, I am loving the new Galapagos Teal Mini Pouch and the Santiago Fiona Dome Cosmetic.

I prefer to keep my skin care separate from my color cosmetics. So my makeup goes in the Mini Pouch and the Fiona stores my skin care touch-up tools. Here is what I keep on hand:

Inside my Santiago Fiona:

I am a big believer that skin care leads to great skin. And, as a result, less makeup is needed. So I keep a couple staples in my purse.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre – This French pharmacy staple keeps my winter skin supple and radiant despite the dryness in the air.

Klorane Soothing Make-Up Remover Wipes with Cornflower Water – I can clean up any eye makeup drifts that might have happened during the day without any irritation. And being sans-liquid makes these super travel friendly.

Avene Eau Thermale – My skin tends to get really red. So I use this to calm my skin. Plus it makes a full face of makeup look very natural.

Rohto Eye Drops – These sting a bit, but after a late night there is no better way to fake clear and bright eyes.


Inside my Galapagos Teal Mini Pouch:

Lancôme EFFACERNES Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer – Thanks to my friend from Dallas, this has been my go-to under eye concealer because it doesn’t budge. It is also perfect for big events when you can’t be bothered with touch-ups.

NARS 413 BLKR Illuminator – See the Avene spray above, but you can tell I prefer a luminous and fresh look. This special edition illuminator works on my paler, winter skin perfectly for a lit-within look.

Eyeko Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner – Eyeliner is my “desert island” product because my larger eyes need the definition. This liquid is easy to use even in the car and lasts all day.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Julie – The newest lipstick formula from NARS is moisturizing AND long-lasting – something no one has managed to do well until now. Julie is sweet and youthful. Plus, it is so easy to wear as a soft and pale nude/pink.

About Lindsay:

Lindsay Rogers founded Belle Belle Beauty as an evaluative and informative review and discussion of products and style trends in 2010. The result is valued content creation and critique in the fashion and beauty genre. Along with skin care, Lindsay’s passions include travel, finance, her two sweet Maltese puppies and Stanford University Football.



Chic Traveler:  Jessie Freschl  

Occupation:  Personal Stylist

Hometown:  NYC

Jessie Freschl hails from a rich lineage of fashionable entrepreneurs, most notably her mother, with whom she ran the operations of her family’s high-end clothing boutique, Gigi of Mequon, in Milwaukee, WI.  As a buyer for contemporary and designer apparel, she has had ample experience working closely with designers to identify what specific trends and styles work for the consumer.  Jessie now brings her expertise to the private sector with her style service FreschStyle, working closely with her clients to cultivate a fashion profile that fits their budget and adapts to their already developed personal style.  In September of 2012, FreschStyle introduced its first ever charity initiative, Covet Closet, aiming to help those in need by cleaning out coveted closets in NYC and selling those clothes for charity.

Dream destination?

Mysore, India

What’s always inside your carry on?

Water, almonds, Aquafor, book I’m currently reading, magazines, music.

What’s on your plane play list?

I usually try and catch up on a good read aboard a plane, so good jazz is a must.  Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue” is a favorite.

Your guilty pleasure while traveling?

If without my children, hands down:   sleeping in.

The Stephanie Johnson bag / bags that always make the trip? 

The Geneva Black Alex Sparkle Cosmetic Bag.  It doubles as a small clutch for the night.

Any tips or must-pack items for making your hotel feel more like home?

I always unpack my suitcase down to the cosmetic brushes in a glass and I set up my space to make it more lived in.  I often bring a small candle as well – Diptyque’s “Figuier” is a personal favorite.

Is there a particular destination that inspires your creativity?

Coming from NYC I never fall short for inspiration in fashion.  So I would have to say escaping to a quiet tranquil place is good for me to decompress and feel renewed.  My last trip to Aspen was so rejuvenating.

What’s the most stylish city/locale you’ve visited?  Anywhere in particular where the fashion/beauty/women’s personal style really blew you away?

Nice.  I spent some time there in college and loved how the women dressed.  It was simple elegance that seemed so effortless and timeless.

Any travel misadventures you’d like to share? 

Never eat a falafel from a street vendor in Dahab, Egypt followed by a night car ride through the desert to Cairo.

If you were introducing a world traveling friend to SJ for the first time, what’s the first piece you’d recommend they buy?

Oh, that is hard one.  I would probably point her to the Mini Pouch.  I have used mine for cosmetics, as a credit card holder, a jewelry case, and for work-related items like measuring tape, pens, and labels.

Next on your Stephanie Johnson wish list?

An eye mask to sleep in when without my children.   🙂

What’s your favorite SJ piece to give as a gift?

I love giving a gift in a trio set.  That is how I was first introduced to the pieces.  I would give an ML Traveler, a Medium Pouch, and a Mini Pouch in complimentary colors, but different fabrics.


Favorite travel ritual or souvenir: (Do you always visit a local book shop?  Hunt down the best cappuccino?  Pick up a tree ornament depicting your destination?)

I love to go into small boutiques and see their offerings.  I grew up working closely with my Mom in our family’s luxury boutique, Gigi of Mequon, in Wisconsin.  So I love walking around and finding like stores in other cities of the world.

Your personal travel style: (Do you like a luxury resort?  A private hideaway?  Do you prefer to lie on the beach?  Explore the countryside?)

I like destinations that offer a bit of relaxation followed by an adventure.  For example, for my honeymoon almost a decade ago, we hiked around an active volcano for a few days and then followed up at an incredible resort that overlooked the ocean in Costa Rica.

The one thing that you cannot leave home without?

A big bottle of water, sunscreen, and my iPhone.

Your happy place / Favorite travel destination?

Warm sandy beaches.

How do you pack for a trip? (Are you a list maker? Do you pack in outfits? Throw caution to the wind and shop when you arrive?)

I pack outfits and try and reuse items differently throughout the trip and of course pack less than more to save room for a few fun purchases to bring home.

Favorite pre-travel or travel-friendly beauty routine?

A manicure and pedicure the day before I head out if time allows.

Go-to luggage brand?

My suitcases are Swiss.  LeSportsac makes great nylon totes.

Checked bag or carry-on?

Carry on alone, checked with kids.

Favorite Airport?  Why?

Zurich, Switzerland.  It is so peaceful and pretty.

On your reading list? 

Currently reading “David and Goliath.”  Up next, “This is Where I Leave You.”

Any tips for breezing through airport security?

If you have children find the line for families, or speak with a security guard.  You can usually always bypass long lines.  Don’t wear much jewelry and keep your outfit easy, down to the shoes.

Window or aisle?


How often do you fly? 

Every other month or so.

Go-to flying ‘uniform?’ 

Comfy jeans, tank, long sleeve shirt, sweater, easy shoes.

Any tips that make frequent travel more efficient?

Try to plan ahead and breathe.



Our Mini Pouch works wonders as a compact carrying case for your makeup essentials, but why stop there?  Proving that good things really do come in small packages, check out the abundance of ways you can travel chic (and organized) with this petite zip-around case, in fabrics from our New Fall 2013 Laguna and Tinseltown Collections!

Sunglasses – all of our pouches include a foam interliner, making the Mini Pouch a softly padded home for your favorite shades.

First Aid Kit – stock with essentials like band aids, gauze, ointment and tweezers for an on-the-go emergency kit you’ll always have at the ready.

iPod –keep your iPod, headphones and charger safely stowed inside your gym bag.  The Mini Pouch is also a great place to stash power cords.


Jewelry Case – store and separate your bangles and baubles.  We like the idea of color coding by coordinating the color of your pouch with the gems inside.

Nail Care – create a mini nail kit with polish, files, cuticle sticks.

Writing Utensils, Art Supplies and More – always know where to find pens and highlighters inside your handbag, or stock a pouch full of markers, crayons, stickers and other kid-friendly crafts.

For $5.00, pick up one of our Gold Wristlets, attach it to the zipper pull and voila!  Your Mini Pouch becomes a stylish evening bag.

We want to know!  What are your favorite ways to travel chic with your Mini Pouch?



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