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Chic Traveler:  Marlien Rentmeester

Occupation:  Founder, LE CATCH and West Coast Bureau Chief, Lucky Magazine

Hometown:  Los Angeles

Marlien Rentmeester is Lucky Magazine’s West Coast Editor and the Founder of LE CATCH.  Marlien is widely admired for her masterful mixing of high, low and vintage clothing that defines her personal style.  She shares her must-have online shopping finds and her expert advice about how to get dressed on the very shop-able (and addictive) LE CATCH.

Dream destination?

Capri (been there) and Corsica (never been!).

What’s always inside your carry on?

My jewelry case, an extra pair of socks (in case my feet get cold on the plane), Purel, a great book and too many magazines.

Your guilty pleasure while traveling?

Drinking wine at lunch.

The Stephanie Johnson bag / bags that always make the trip?

The Laura Large Trapezoid gets the most play, since my work trips are often a just few days long.  I can squeeze everything into this bag–and feel like I am doing it in style.

Is there a particular destination that inspires your creativity?

New York, Paris, and London for the street fashion.

Any travel misadventures you’d like to share?

Stephanie and I once missed a connecting flight from Madrid to New York by seconds.  I was sad and frustrated because I was eager to get back to my kids and husband.  Stephanie took control of the situation and said, “Let’s make the best of it.”  The next thing I know we’re in a taxi heading to the Hotel Ritz in Madrid.  We checked in, put down our bags, toured the Prado museum next door, went out for a great dinner and caught a flight home the next morning.  It was the best travel misadventure I’ve had to date!

If you were introducing a world traveling friend to SJ for the first time, what’s the first piece you’d recommend they buy?

Anything and everything, because all the prints are chic and every style is super functional. You simply can’t go wrong!

What’s your favorite SJ piece to give as a gift?

One of the pouches because they’re multi-purpose–and incredibly chic.

Is there a favorite possession you’ve acquired during your travels? 

I’ve brought home everything from dishware (I once stuffed my carry-on with a 5-piece set from Paris!) to vintage clothing to a Moroccan rug!

Favorite travel ritual or souvenir?

I love shopping the local flea markets and coming home with an authentic souvenir or ten.

The one thing that you cannot leave home without?

My iPhone–and running sneakers (the best way to see a new city)!

Your happy place / Favorite travel destination?

New York City, my hometown.  The minute I land at JFK I feel my cells dancing!

First drink in the air:  H2O, champagne or OJ?

Water, then some wine to quell the nerves.

Checked bag or carry on?

Carry-on, if I can get away with it–which is infrequently!

On your reading list?

Rules of Civility (just finished Gone Girl–loved it!).

Favorite in-flight pastime?

Reading magazines and the latest bestseller.  I also love watching movies, because I never get to the theater.  Somehow, no matter how cheesy the movie, I always end up crying.

Current favorite getaway?

Napa, Malibu, Aspen, Westhampton Beach.

Window or aisle?


Go-to flying ‘uniform?’

Jeans, flats, some type of heavy cardigan and a cashmere scarf.  I always freeze on plane!

Next on your Stephanie Johnson wish list?

The Laura Large Trapezoid in Turin (I will use it as a clutch), the Jenny Train Case in Turks and Caicos (love the texture and roominess!) and the Malibu Navy Large Pouch (so sleek!).

I’m pretty sure there is nothing better than a summer soiree under the stars celebrating with friends.  And if those friends include Jessica Alba, you know it’s going to be fun!  O.K., Jessica isn’t a friend, but she IS Lucky Magazine’s September cover girl, and together with Matt Edelman (CEO of ThisNext), Brandon Holley (Lucky Editor in Chief), Michelle Myers (Lucky Vice President and Publisher), and Mary Alice Haney (ThisNext Editor in Chief), she hosted the evening.  A radiant Jessica (9 months pregnant!) and a host of celebs came out to celebrate ThisNext partnering with Lucky Magazine to be their official ‘shopping’ website.

As a contributing editor for ThisNext, I was thrilled to ‘design’ the evening with fellow tastemakers Lulu Powers and Hillary Thomas.  Adored the custom tablecloths and wait staff aprons designed by Hillary, and the decor and invite by Lulu.  LOVE how the invite mimics the green and white tent used at the event. They don’t call them tastemakers for nothing…!

Pretty sure I spent most of the evening hanging by the kitchen door trying to grab delicious Lulu treats before anyone else could try.  I don’t know what I loved more, the buttermilk fried chicken tenders, the beef sliders with caramelized onion brioche rolls, or the tuna tar tare on a rice cracker with crispy seaweed and wasabi caviar.  Sublime.

When not stuffing my face, or breaking a heel on the dance floor, I was probably celebrity spotting… that so terrible?  There was a CRAZY guest list and I was thrilled to meet a few of our guest stars, like Lauren Conrad, Brad Goreski (don’t we love him?), Ali Landry (and her beautiful pregnant belly!), Maria Menounos, Michelle Trachtenberg and Leslie Bibb, to name a few.  World-famous beauty blogger Rumi Neely (Fashion Toast) was there with her personal cameraman, Colin, and of course she was looking super glam (if not her, then who?)

 I ‘designed’ the gift bag which of course included a Stephanie Johnson Cyprus Jenny Train Case to carry all the loot and a Stephanie Johnson Large Mumbai pouch with wristlet filled with gift certificates!  Of course we want to share the haul with OUR friends so we are giving away a bag to one LUCKY winner! (Details below!)

Our super swag bag included these hot products:  Eco Tools brushes, Essie nail polish, Stila lip gloss and bronzer, Always Beautiful Moroccan earrings from Dogeared, Matouk Lemon Fig Verbena Soap, Skincare products from Own and Algenist, and many more!

Here’s how to win*:

Visit our Facebook page and ‘like us.’  Then post a comment stating why you’re feeling LUCKY enough to win the gift bag, i.e., ‘I’m feeling LUCKY because. . .’  We will select one winner at random from the entries on our Facebook page.

*Dates of contest:  August 24-August 31, 2011.  One entry per person.  Contest open to U.S.residents only.

Feeling guilty about receiving such an amazing goodie bag, or just want to do something rewarding (to give back) today?  Check out, a favorite charity of Jessica’s (and ours!) that puts needed baby stuff in the hands of those that need it most, and make a donation.


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