When friends invited me to spend the weekend on their yacht in Sag Harbor, I couldn’t find a reason to say no.  After all, it’s been 100 degrees in the city and what could be nicer than a weekend on the water?  I’ve been spoiled as of late with beach weekends and if I’m going to stay in NYC for any period of time, it looks like I will have to find my own weekend retreat.  In the meantime, it has been fun test driving all the options.

When I arrived Friday night my hosts had a Dark and Stormy waiting for me (this seems to be the drink of summer 2012), and never mind that I don’t drink, it kicked off a weekend of fun and surprises.  We took dinner in town at La Superica, and met friends over salty margaritas and super fresh Tex-Mex.  Love this place as a casual and delish alternative to the more sceney spots around town.

Up bright and early, my hosts hit the grass courts in South Hampton while I did down dog with Russell Simmons at Yoga Shanti.  He smiled at me and I was happy his hamstrings were as tight as mine.  I felt reborn after an hour and a half of Ashtanga and made a mental note that this place was a big plus for Sag as my summer retreat.

After cleaning up, I set out to take a stroll along the town’s main street (aptly named Main Street).  Taking photos with my iPhone 4S (so cut me some slack here) and popping into shops along the way, I came upon a hundred year old shingle house that had been completely renovated and is the home of wellNEST.  Love the name and love the place.  All gray and white with an organic modernism feel, I happily shot the retail space.  As I was leaving I spied a flyer promoting astrology readings with Francis Dunnery – this weekend only.  I inquired.  It must have been in the stars, because he just had a cancellation and he was able to see me in 15 minutes.  This sh-t happens to me all the time people!

I hit the Golden Pear next door for a bowl of chunky cool gazpacho and texted my friends that I wouldn’t be joining them on the lido deck for lunch.  After an hour and a half with Francis I felt lighter, and came away with a new awareness about the present.  Leave the past behind and don’t fret about the future.  Be Here Now kind of message.

Living in the moment, we took the tender out in the afternoon and cut through the water super-fast, holding hats and skipping over wakes.  Swimming in cool shallow water and hitting the wakeboard and then back on the boat with hair flying in your face.  It’s official.  There is nothing like a summer weekend on the water in the Northeast.

Saturday night brought 30 friends and fireworks in the harbor as well as our own dance party under the stars.  Lights out at 3 a.m.

Should you be planning a Sag Harbor visit anytime soon, be sure to check out Urban Zen and Monc XIII.  Book a room at the historic American Hotel if there’s no room on the boat for you.

Heading North soon for more summer retreat options.  Stay cool and stay tuned.