Lately I’ve been dreaming of an African safari.  A place where exotic animals like gazelles, zebras, buffalos and wildebeests roam endless plains, and spectacular natural wonders abound.  To accompany me on my journey, I’ve designed the brand new Stephanie Johnson Serengeti Collection:  a grouping of sueded, textured leopard cases lined in daring turquoise and trimmed in sleek black patent leather.

Want to meet Serengeti?  Check out this video, narrated by moi!


Here’s what else I’d pack on my safari adventure:

1.) Theodora & Callum Brown Multi Sedona Tie-All Scarf

2.) Sabine Turq Stud Earrings

3.) Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV SPF 50

4.) Trumpets for Crumpets Ring

5.) Stretch-Cotton Wide-Leg Pants

6.) African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salvation

7.) Ultra Braid Extra Large Brim Sun Hat