I rely on these people and practices to help keep me healthy and strong, from the inside out.  For more about where I turn for guidance of a spiritual nature, please see my previous post, SJ’s Dream Team, Part One!


Julian Neil is a brilliant (seriously, he’s a genius) healer, Spiritual Psychologist, Naturopath, Iridologist, and Cool Yoga Dude (take his class Wednesdays at Golden Bridge LA).  I introduced myself to him after one of his classes about 10 years ago and he has had a profound impact on my spiritual growth as a human, and my health both inside and out since that time.  His cereal recipe is by far the best thing I put in my body all day. (It’s all downhill from there I’m afraid!)

There are two supplements I use daily that keep my organs healthy and leave my skin glowing.  Krill Oil from Dr. Mercola is super rich in essential DHA and EPA Omega-3s and supports heart function, memory (hello, I need improvement here!) and fights signs of aging.  Resveratrol is the miracle ingredient found in red wine that has numerous anti-aging properties and has been shown to improve overall health.  Resvantage is the highest quality and safest resveratrol supplement on the market, and it gives me increased energy and keeps me looking and feeling young, both inside and out.  I’ve been using Resvantage for years and consider it an essential tool in my anti-aging arsenal.

I’m a recent convert to The Bar Method.  I’m obsessed actually.  It’s one hour of intensity that works the entire body, stretching and toning to the likes of Madonna and JT, while an instructor who always knows your name (how do they do that!?) talks you through the moves.  I feel as lithe as Gwyneth when I leave.

Golden Bridge Yoga has locations in NY and LA and is home to Gurmukh, the soft spoken author of several books and yogini to the stars.  I met Gurmukh a decade ago in Costa Rica where she was teaching a Kundalini Yoga retreat for the Omega Institute.  I fell in love with her and the Kundalini yoga style and have been a disciple ever since.  Kundalini is sort of a yogic technology where every asana, kriya and meditation directly relates to healing and supporting a specific part of the body.  I love knowing that the next eleven minutes is devoted to cleaning my liver!  Definitely worth a spin.

Plagued with back and neck problems most of my life, I’ve seen every chiropractor known to man.  Nothing provided relief until I met the magic of Dr. Christopher John and was introduced to the D.N.F.T. (Directional Non-Force Technique).  No longer do I have to hold my breath and pray when someone cracks my neck.  (How can that be good for you?)  I lost my weekly massage (D.N.F.T discourages this), but I’ve been pain free for a decade.  His practice is in L.A. with other practitioners dotted across the globe.  Try Loretta Friedman if you are in NYC.

Officially massage-free for about 8 years now, I go to Angel Feet in NYC when I need some relaxation that heals.   A teeny tiny spot on Perry Street with only two chairs, I bask in a one hour reflexology treatment that leaves me and my nervous system calm.  Amazing how short an hour can feel.

My body has rebelled since moving to New York, no doubt missing the warmth and sunshine.  I’ve been struggling with congestion and some shortness of breath at times.  Not wanting to get hooked on inhalers and the like, I turned to Mary Sobo at The YinOva Center.  Through her healing hands, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I’m finally finding my breath again.  Ahhhh.

I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 18.  Hard to believe considering I can barely touch my toes, but yoga has been a prominent part of my lifestyle for most of my days.  There isn’t a day that I practice where I don’t think of my first teacher Galla.  Galla was a fiery, energetic, chatty, blonde bombshell as well as a disciple of B.S. Iyengar.  I owe my precision and devotion to her, and am grateful for her teachings.  She literally changed my life.  Galla, I miss you.