It seems my life is on a 13 year cycle.  I spent 13 years working and living in Palm Beach, Florida and the last 13 living and working in Venice, California.  Now it seems a new 13 year cycle has taken hold and new adventures await.  As I say goodbye to the beach town that I love, I wanted to share a few more of my favorite things and share the experience with you!

Saying goodbye after 13 years in a community, and after 13 years of living in the same house, is not easy.  The week before I left to begin my new chapter, I walked around the house touching the walls, sitting on the stairs, and musing out the window at the twin palms I see from my bedroom.  Fitting for Hollywood, I was a bit dramatic, and cried a thousand tears.  When the expecting young couple came to buy the rocker that I had nursed my daughter in and read story time tales to for the last three years, I wasn’t sure I could sell it and through tears told them how I will miss it and its memories.  At least they know it was loved.

There was a lot of “this will be the last time I sleep in this house. . .” kind of melodrama.  I’m glad I let the emotions flow through me and I’m grateful to Venice and all the learning years I spent there.  As I write this, I am on the plane for my first trip back (o.k., it’s only been three weeks!), and I’m happy to have friends moving into my home as I know they will love it and the community as much as I do.

Several photos here are courtesy of Steve Reiss, neighbor and friend for the last 13 years.  Steve has seen me through it all and I will miss him!

P.S. On my last morning in Venice, I had huevos rancheros at the Rose.  The staff sang to me and brought me a candle in a slice of French toast.  A toast to new beginnings.  I can’t wait to settle into my usual table tomorrow morning and have an iced tea waiting for me before I even sit down.  Old habits die hard.