In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it was the perfect time to take a break from my usual travel musings in order to highlight a product I care very much about:  the Best Friends for Life (BFFL) duffle bag.

In the face of such a frightening and disorienting experience as a breast cancer diagnosis, figuring out what to pack for a hospital stay can seem almost like an afterthought.  The brainchild of Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson (who herself underwent prophylactic mastectomies in 2006), the BFFL duffle was designed as a sort of in-hospital care package, including products that are not only practical, but will provide the most comfort for a woman undergoing breast surgery.  The contents of the BFFL duffle include:  overnight toiletries (everything from a toothbrush to a nail kit), drain care products and instructions, a sample pack of Skinceuticals skin care products, comfy socks, note cards, and perhaps most importantly, the Axilla Pilla.  The Axilla Pilla is a soft (heart-shaped!), lightweight, microbead pillow meant to be used under the arm after axillary lymph node surgery, but can also be used after any surgery as a bracing or comfort pillow.

The duffle bag itself is pretty smart too, featuring a vibrant stripe print in lightweight, stain-resistant nylon, inner and outer pockets, and metal feet to keep it off hospital floors.  (O.K., I have to brag a little, I helped design it!)

While it is an incredibly thoughtful gift for anyone facing breast surgery, the bag is called Best Friends for Life because it was inspired by the idea of one friend giving it to another as the ultimate form of TLC.

For more information, or to order the BFFL duffle, please visit

Because caring is chic!